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Babylon 5 Books

Books in German/English language - Books in English language

Until now the following six Babylon 5 novels have been released in Germany:
(in order of release). These books are available in English language as well.


Tödliche Gedanken Im Kreuzfeuer Blutschwur
#1 Voices #2 Accusations #3 Blood Oath
(Tödliche Gedanken) (Im Kreuzfeuer) (Blutschwur)
Schatten des Todes Schwarze Träume Krieg der Verschwörer
#4 Clark's Law #5 The Touch of your Shadow,
the Whisper of your Name
#6 Betrayals
(Schatten des Todes) (Schwarze Träume) (Krieg der Verschwörer)


The following books have not been translated yet and are only available in English language:


'Normal books' #7 The Shadow within
#8 Personal Agendas
#9 To Dream in the City of Sorrows
Books about the movies Movie Thirdspace
and the series' episodes Series The Coming of Shadows


#1 Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps
The 'Psi Corps trilogy' #2 Deadly Relations : Bester Ascendant
#3 Final Reckoning : The Fate of Bester


Legions of Fire #1 The Long Night of Centauri Prime
The 'Centari Prime trilogy' #2 Armies of Light and Dark
#3 Out of the Darkness


The Passing of the Techno-Mages #1 Casting Shadows
The 'Techno-Mages trilogy' #2 Summoning Light
#3 Invoking Darkness


... and manuals and other books ...


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