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Babylon 5 Videos

The Series - The Movies


Until now the following Babylon 5 videos - dubbed in German language and named Spacecenter Babylon 5 - have been released:


The Series:

*   Pilot
*   A Voice in the Wilderness   (Parts 1 & 2)      [Angriff der Aliens]
*   Midnight on the Firing Line / Soul Hunter       [Ragesh 3 / Der Seelenjäger]
*   Born To The Purple / Infection                      [Purpurdaten / Ein unheimlicher Fund]


The Movies


Thirdspace The River of Souls A Call to Arms
Thirdspace The River of Souls A Call to Arms
(Das Tor zur 3. Dimension) (Der Fluss der Seelen) (Waffenbrüder)


"Der erste Schritt" ("In the Beginning") will be distributed as video cassette and DVD at the end of March 2002!
The DVD languages are German, English and French!


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