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Sorry, I know this site hasn't been updated very often in the last year, but I'm sort of running out of time. But I haven't forgotten about this project, so pay a visit once in a while.

Mar 14, 2002: Minor update of the whole site; several book titles added at the info section and one movie title added at the episodes page
Jan 7, 2001: Update of the Synchro section and the Episodes page (German Free TV premieres)
Oct 27, 2000: Update of the Synchro page
Mar 8, 2000: New:  german  books  ( Blood OathAccusationsBetrayalsClark's LawThe Touch of your Shadow ...Voices )
Jan 30, 2000: New linkEin dunkler, verzerrter Spiegel
Jan 21, 2000: New linkSigma 957 Datenbank  +   this homepage finally got a counter!
Dec 23, 1999: The Synchro page has been moved to the new section Infos;  new:  german  videos  ( ThirdspaceThe River of SoulsA Call to Arms )
Nov 16, 1999: TV Highlights and Adrian's Homepage have been added to the links page
Nov 10, 1999: Babylonian Experiences has been listed in the German Lurker's Guide
Oct 10, 1999: Babylonian Experiences has moved to my new domain;  a copy of this page can still be found at my old address;  changes:  complete redesign and update;  new:  Episode list
Feb 25, 1999: complete update;  new:  SynchroDel Varner
Aug 31, 1998: new:  Anna Sheridan
Jun 20, 1998: complete update
Jan 19, 1998: complete update
Nov 22, 1997: site setup